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The Servant Leader Washes Feet by Carol Duerksen
1 Invite one or more church leaders (pastor, deacon, elder) to be a part of this session. Give them the outline of the session so they can be prepared for the activity as well as the questions at the end.
2 Bowls, water, towels for foot-washing.
3 Cue several students ahead of time that are willing to be the first to have their feet washed. Let the church leader(s) know who they are.
4 A light snack for everyone.
5 Bible
6 You will need to think through how you will handle issues such as: smelly feet, giggling students, health concerns. Some congregations add Chlorox to the water to keep it cleaner. Another option is to do this activity of foot-washing outdoors at a river or lake, or at a water hydrant. The point of this session is not so much to recreate Jesus washing the feet of the disciples as to emulate his servant attitude between students and your church leaders.
7 Hymnal: A Worship Book for each student.

1 Begin the session by inviting everyone to enjoy the snack you brought for them.
2 Allow people to sit and eat for a few minutes, then begin reading from John 13. Begin with the first verse and read loudly as students stop chatting to hear what you are reading. As you read verses 3-5, the church leader(s) should pour the water, approach the students who have been cued ahead of time, and wash their feet. Stop after verse 5 and wait until the first students have had their feet washed.
3 Read verses 6-17.
4 Explain: “Pastor __________ and (other names) are here with us today to show us that Jesus calls leaders to be servants of those they lead. If you are willing to have your feet washed, nod when Pastor __________ comes to you. If not, just shake your head no.

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